New or Visiting?

In a location like this, it's not surprising we get lots of visitors.  It's a growing area too - lots of young people are moving here to bring up their families in a friendly community and healthy, beautiful environment.  We love welcoming visitors and newcomers to our gatherings, especially people who want to know more about Jesus and the Christian life.

So pick your time and location, come as you are, and enjoy inspiring Biblical messages, a casual friendly gathering, a mix of current and traditional Christian songs, and a warm welcome over coffee and nibbles.  

Some helpful hints:  There's no special dress code, just wear whatever you wear going to the shops.  We don't ask visitors to give money.  It's OK to wander about during the service if you need to, and you can join in as much or as little as you like. 'On time' means any time from 10 minutes before the advertised service time, and if you're running late, even VERY late, we'd still love to see you there.

A 90 second SUMMARY