We're confident that the good news of the Bible is from God, and that it's for everyone; and we're confident he'll keep his promises.   That’s why we get together every week to learn more about Jesus - the God who came and lived among the people he created, and taught the truth about why we’re here, what’s gone wrong, and how it can be fixed. He allowed himself to be executed, to take on himself the penalty for our sin, and reconcile us with God. But that’s not the whole story - he came back from the dead, and promises that anyone who wants to can share everlasting life, glory and joy with him. We'd love to welcome you to one of our weekly services, and into the life of our community, whether you've been a follower of Jesus all your life, or want to grow in your faith, connect with other believers, or just dip a toe in to see what it's all about.  Come on in - the water is beautiful!


The video below from The Bible Project is a great introduction to our current teaching series - we’re taking a bird’s eye look at the Bible, and what’s really in it.