About Us

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We are a church in the Anglican tradition, and part of the Anglican Diocese of Grafton. Our flavour is more towards the ‘evangelical’ end of the spectrum - we believe that God has spoken to us through the Bible, and it is there that we learn the truth about God, and how human beings can and should relate to him. We believe that God exists outside of time, so he doesn’t change, his values don’t change, and his intentions towards human beings haven’t and never will change - he loves us, and invites us into friendship with him. We believe you can trust the things God has told us in the Bible.

We also believe that when we pray, the powerful God of the universe hears and answers, sometimes in miraculous and inexplicable ways; we believe that God’s Holy Spirit has been poured out on people who believe in Jesus, and that through his power we have power to fulfill the mission that Jesus has given us - to share his life-changing, world-changing message with all people, right next door, and to the ends of the earth.