Meet with a friendly small group to learn more - or just to connect

During the week small groups of people meet to study the Bible, pray for one another, or to chat

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Want to get familiar with the Bible?  KYB is from CWCI Australia, it's just for women, and is designed to help you to know what God says in the Bible, and what difference it makes today. 

Members read the Bible during the week, with some questions to guide their study.  Once a week they meet with the group, and discuss their answers, and they are also given notes to read later. 

Several KYB groups meet weekly in South West Rocks;  call 02 6566 6172 for more information, or use the button below.



This one is for the men (but anyone can join in)!  Every Day With Jesus (EDWJ) is a daily Bible reading plan from CWR - you'll be in good company, because about a million people around the world use it to re-focus on God each day.  Our men's group reads the Bible during the week using EDWJ, and meet once a week to chew over what they've read together.

For more information, call 02 6566 6172, or use the button below.

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Every Thursday a group of men (and sometimes some honorary men) gather in one of the many excellent cafes for morning tea (or coffee) and a yarn.  All welcome!

To find out where we're meeting this week, call 02 6566 6172, or use the button below.